Martin Juul Photography

Portraits of students for Zealand - Academy of Technologies and Business
Rita Season 2, 3 & 5
Promotion portraits for Danish TV series Rita
The Official Ferrari Magazine
FDB Møbler
Updated with latest work
Jan Duckert
Carlsberg Manifest
Portraits of key employees for Danish investor company
Danish Health Authority
Stop smoking campaign for Danish Health Authority
Jaguar USA
Faces of Jaguar
Koenigsegg Regera
Images for Koenigsegg of their brand new hybrid megacar Regera
Carlsberg Hero Packshots
Key-visual packshots for Carlsberg
Stagetorn Law Firm
Portraits of lawyers for their new website
ReSound LiNX Quattro
Koenigsegg Book
Examples from newly released book for Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg.
DR DRAMA - Ulven Kommer
Wonderful Copenhagen
Wonderful Copenhagen campaign "Invite the world to Copenhagen"
PFA Campaign
Campaign for pension fund PFA
Dynaudio Evidence & Confidence
Royal Copenhagen
Gifted People. Portraits for Royal Copenhagen's annual brochure of Prêt-à-Porter Designer Ole Yde, Artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Jewelry Designer Charlotte Lynggaard, Chef Peter Ingeberg & Musician Chris Minh Doky.
Dynaudio Music
Portrait of former football player Henrik Larsson
Key Visuals for danish realtor Home
Dynaudio - Cut The Cable
Portraits for Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio
ReSound LINX 3D
Lifestyle shoot in L.A.
Personal Work
Bang & Olufsen
Key visuals for Bang & Olufsen
Key-Visuals for skin treatment product
TV2 Denmark
2018 FIFA World Cup
Koenigsegg Employees
Portraits of employees from recently released book
Danish Rail
Aerial view's of trains in Copenhagen and region for Danish Rail
Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Portraits of Scientists for event
Tuborg speaker
Promotion portraits of coaches in the Danish version of the TV show Voice
Pfizer Pregabalin
Nerve pain treatment
TV2 Knæk Cancer
August Sandgren
Danish design boxes
Resound hearing aids
Testimonial portraits of hearing aid users for GN Resound
Malmö Girot
Posters for the upcoming cycling race Malmö Girot
BMW 3-Series GT
BMW 3-Series key visual of the GT model
Børsen Gazelle
Portrait of Niels Lunde for the 2016 Gazelle Award
Coca Cola
Stofa / Zaptor "Rule your TV"
Lauge Jensen Motorcycles
Key visuals for Danish high-end motorcycle manufacturer Lauge Jensen.
Osteoporosis disease awareness campaign.
Danske Spil
Campaigns for danish betting company Danske Spil
Danske Spil - 2016 Summer Olympics
Portraits of Danish Olympic athletes posing with recreational athletes.
Carlsberg Fans
Calsberg Premier League Fan campaign.
Metro yawn
Copenhagen Metro "We now operate all night"
Testimonial portraits of actor Michael Birkkjær, proffessor Lene Tanggaard and film director Nikolaj Arcel for the Danish folk high schools
Saxo Bank
Testimonials for Saxo Bank
Mazda 6 AWD
Shots for Mazda of the new model 6 AWD
Kellogg's All-Bran Smoothie
Key visual for Kellogg's All-Bran
PFA Portraits
Portraits of Danish celebrities Anders Breinholt, Sofie Gråbøl, Jesper Binzer & Michael Laudrup for PFA.
Dynaudio - Trash Your Stereo
Campaign for Dynaudio's Focus XD speakers. "She won't miss the stereo - nor will you"
Portraits for Nordea Bank
Key visuals for unemployment fund HK
Volkswagen Tiguan
Key visuals for the new Tiguan.
Misc images for Peugeot
Portraits for Euroman Magazine of Mads Mikkelsen, Søren Fauli & Farshad Kholghi
Shots of Ramlösa's new bottles
Hello Group
Hello Group Poster
Tuborg Santa
Spoof ad for Tuborg
Campaign for Amnesty International
Solar Errand Boy
Key Visual for Solar's Fastbox concept
Toyota IQ
Toyota IQ
The Tivoli Concert Hall
Portraits of Danish celebrities.
Danske Bank testimonial
Testimonial portraits of Danske Bank Private Banking clients
Newspaper campaign
Portraits of Danish celebrities for the newspaper association
Falck Alarm
Campaign for alarm company
Kronenbourg 1664
Key visuals of the 1664 label for Kronenbourg
Thomas Helmig
Thomas Helmig Album artwork shoot
Føtex portraits
Portraits of residents on the small fictitious island Knoldø for Danish supermarket Føtex.
Campaign for danish watch manufacturer
Key visual for Royal beer
Portrait of actor Connie Nielsen for danish mortgage bank Nykredit
PFA People
Portraits of PFA employees and clients
TV 2 GO' Portraits
Portraits of anchors for TV 2
Waterfront Shopping
Ad's for food and fashion shopping centre
Felix Smith
Promotion photos of Danish TV anchor Felix Smith for TV 2
Key-visual for Grimbergen Christmas Edition
IKEA campaign
Portrait of Anders Breinholt for Latenight TV Show Natholdet
Royal Copenhagen
Images for Royal Copenhagen's annual brochure
Campaign for Jobzonen
Alfa Romeo
Images for range brochure
Carlsberg Website
Images for the new Carlsberg website.
Campaign for TDC
Eva Solo
Eva Solo product images
Campaign for emergency number service
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